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Marine Speakers and Subwoofers


What are Marine speakers and subwoofers ?

Marine speakers and subs are designed to bring great sound to your boat while also standing up to the marine environment. Boats can be a bit loud, so these speakers and subs can handle plenty of power and give you plenty of volume.

Why are Marine Speakers and Subwoofers important ?

Marine speakers and subwoofers are important for boats because they are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of being on the water, while still providing high-quality sound:

  • Durability

    Marine speakers are built to withstand water, humidity, salt spray, temperature extremes, and direct sunlight. They have heavy-duty parts like plastic cones, rubber surrounds, and tough grilles.

  • Sound quality

    Marine speakers are designed for open-air settings and can drown out background water sounds. They have a wide dispersion path to provide optimal sound behind the boat, and their high quality components allow them to project sound far behind the vessel.

  • Subwoofers

    Adding a subwoofer to a marine speaker system can improve the sound of the existing speakers.

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